The most beautiful personal gift for the whole family

Is a baby born in your family of your in the family of your friends? Or do you feel like presenting a gift full of love? Mimi family represents the best gift for a family. You can compose a family consisting of a man, a woman, a little boy or a little girl.
Show the feelings for your family represents. To have own dolls with skin and hair color and names of your family members on the shelf is tremendous.
Has the family one or two children, in the Mimi family you can add as many family members you need. Will you give your family to your grandparents? A kind and beautiful solution!

To have own doll is amazing!
Mimi Dolls for whole family

Gift for grandma and grandpa

As every year also this time you wonder what Christmas gift to buy for your grandparents. Try to give them your version of family. Grandmas or grandpas are happy to have their grandchildren and children at home. Give them a Mimi family in the shape of your complete family as a personalized Christmas gift. Choose the hair color your mom, dad and also children have. Add each doll its name.
Show your grandparents you love them. Stop giving them meaningless candles, sweets or socks. They are missing nothing except for their children and grandchildren. As you give them a photo of your family, give them also your own Mimis. You will so always be with them.
Also in this case, you can compose your family consisting of as many members of Mimi family as you wish at our website with different sex, skin and hair color, different names.
Mimi Dolls ako darček pre babku a dedka

Lovely Mimi for a lovely baby

Everybody must have an own Mimi. Give Mimi to your home-folks when a baby is born, on the occasion of baptism or celebration of first or second birthday. Children love Mimi, fall asleep, eat, discover charms of the world with Mimi. Mimi smells naturally as eco materials absorb 100 per cent baby smell.
Each baby, either a boy or a girl, has its own Mimi with its name, skin and hair color accompanying it for several years. Fabrics Mimi is made of are safe also for the youngest ones:
  • they do not contain small parts
  • they are firm and washable
  • they are made of natural material, are not toxic
  • they are well shaped for holding in little hands
  • they are safe for being chewed when baby teeth erupt
Mimi Dolls pre bábätká

Which little hairdresser girl will try new haircuts?

For a very long time, I couldn't decide for myself how to come up with Mimi's dolls' hair. There have been countless attempts at wool, fleece, threads, cotton. In the end, I found a premium gentle wool that met my expectations.

Why is doll hair so important? Because every little girl could comb her little Mimi. The braver girls can try to make their Mimi a short-haired princess or cut her hair to the shoulders. There are no limits to imagination.
Mimi bábike sa dajú česať vlasy