Beginning of Mimi up to the present e-shop

Surprisingly, the story of Mimi family does start with the romantic birth of a baby in the family or 30 years of experience of a successful costume designer. In fact, two IT specialists invented the Mimi family.

Michal and Tomáš, the Mimi founders, are creating a specialized expert software. They have fun doing it as they have been pursuing programming and web from the time of secondary school attendance. Suddenly, they started to debate how to realize their potential not only as programmers, how to prevent burnout before it comes up. To create something physical they can leave a part of their personality, real skill being impossible in the immaterial programmer code.

They discussed all possible as well impossible alternatives starting from opening a coffee-bar, selling spiritless bijouterie, carpet cleaning service to sewing handmade gifts. And exactly handmade dolls won.

In the evenings, we two were trying, forming, choosing fabrics, started to enrich our vocabulary by concepts we have not heard of yet. We did not know anything about sewing, embroidering, fabrics; nevertheless we were sure we wished to know it. And so we started buying various fabrics, pattered, lace, simple, elastic, cotton ... Simply everything. Times passed from our first experiment and we achieved a nice prototype in these few months. At present, our colleague Katarína helps us with sewing. So, together, we create our Mimi dolls we literally repose love we have invented and created them with.
Autori projektu Mimi Family
Autori projektu Mimi Family

Special offer until sold out

Launching the new website and new countries Mimi is sent to, we have prepared a special sale if you buy 4 Mimis. The last, i.e. the fourth Mimi is for 50% of the price until February 14, 2021.

Hand made

Doll, dress, shorts, hair – all is hand sewn and sewn on. We care for Mimi's long life.

Complete family

You can order one, two or even three or more dolls. Mimi can provide for a complete family.


You can make your own decision as to skin and hair color as well as the name up to 5 characters long.

A wonderful gift

Mimi with the certificate of originality and a unique series number will be brought to you by a courier.

bavlnena babika

Mimi dolls are sewn of knitted fabric and cottton. To be touch-friendly, they are slightly elastic and can be cleaned in the washing machine. Mimi can be naturally decomposed and thus is suitable for babies. Its qualities are proposed to be enjoyed by both babies and the adult.

bavlnena babika vlasy

Lady figures have long hair that can be combed but also braided or shortened. The hair is of natural wool dyed with natural materials. It can cause slight fraying and the hair need to be cut a little :)

bavlnena babika saty

The dresses of dolls are of 100 percent cotton or knitted fabric. Also due to the color fastness they are ecological and can be washed at 40 degrees centigrade. Girl dolls have elastic socks, stockings. All dresses, shorts or T-shirts may be changed as necessary.

bavlnena babika sitie vlasy

Each Mimi is tailor-made – only the body of the doll is prepared in advance. The name is embroidered on the dress. The connection between the little doll owner and Mimi doll is really important.